No Farangs Allowed

No Farangs Allowed!

I felt myself being pushed back, deep into my seat, as the small twenty passenger plane lifted off the ground. I watched as the ground and villages grew smaller and the mountains became more visible. My heart almost stopped and a deep ache settled in. Those were the mountains. Back recessed deep in the nooks and hollows of those mountains were nestled many villages. Most of the inhabitants have never been out of the mountains, seen a white man, and whats more have never heard the name of JESUS. My eyes were riveted out the window fearful that a blink would cause me to miss something. Tears welled up in my eyes distorting the picture as I realized that the government had a strict policy, “No Farangs Allowed!” (tr. foreigner or white person). “I can see those mountains,” I thought, “they’re right there!”

As I go back and look through the pictures of my year as a student missionary, my heart still aches as I look at those mountains. Sadly that’s not the only region in this old world where the name of JESUS has never been carried. Not only have they never heard the good news, but they also live in conditions that are unimaginable. There is so much need on this planet.

To one of these places is where I hope to go in the not too distant future. These people need hope. I want to carry the hope and light of Salvation and health care to these people. Right at the moment I’m not sure where the specific place is, but I know there is a place waiting for me. As I look at those mountains that I flew over, I am reminded of where I am heading – of that dream that God has placed in my heart. It brings me back to focus. I am not to be just waiting here for that time to come but rather to be preparing for that time.


~ by Maggie Lynne on February 27, 2010.

4 Responses to “No Farangs Allowed”

  1. The time will come. 🙂

  2. “A thing resounds when it rings true – ringing all the bells inside of you”…this post rang “bells” in me. I understand and I am with you. Don’t ever lose your focus. God does have a mission prepared just for you.

  3. Margie,

    I’m convinced that Jesus is going to use our generation for an unprecedented mission effort. Keep on keeping on.

  4. Amen. I’m hoping to go out someday soon… still trying to figure out how to prepare best though. God’s plans are always the best. Keep the focus!

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