Another Year…

There are three different times when I consider a new year to begin. January 1 – the beginning of the calendar year, my birthday – the beginning of a new year of life, and the first day of school – the beginning of a school year.

Recently I’ve been pondering on a new year of life – as it is that time of year. During this next year of life I’ll be graduating from nursing school, I’ll take NCLEX and hopefully get my RN, I’ll have more friends get married, more friends become parents, I’ll meet new people, I’ll take new classes, and I pray I’ll be a stronger person.

I’m one who likes making memories. Hopefully during this upcoming year I’ll have opportunity to make many! In fact I even started the year off with a fun memory.

I was really thankful that my birthday was on Sabbath. That meant I didn’t have to do practicum on it. I was at the hospital all day Friday and again all day Sunday, but I was off on my birthday. After church some friends gathered in the park to have a potluck picnic and then headed off to the Ocoee for a hike. As we started hiking up the creek, great thunder clouds rolled in. We hiked back in quite a ways and the heavens opened on us. Fortunately it wasn’t too cold. The thunder was amazing! It would roll right over top of us and just keep rolling and rolling. I’ve always loved thunderstorms and really enjoyed being out in  one. I couldn’t help but wonder how safe we must have been but once we were out there – we still had to come back. By the time we arrived back at the cars we were all soaked through. As we drove away, I noticed that somehow the storm had left and it was no longer raining – oh well. I’d never hiked in a thunderstorm so I thought it a great and adventuresome way to bring in the new year.

That evening, after we all got dried off a bit, we met at a friend’s apartment for a “game night.” Right, I knew better than that! Sure enough, there were streamers, and balloons… and a red face. Candles were lit and as I dutifully went forward to blow them out, I noticed, to my vexation, that all my candles were spread across three pans of crisp! And I was supposed to blow them out all in one breath? After much analyzing, I had a plan, made a wish, and went for it. Utter Failure!

This will never do! I thought. “Relight ’em!” I cried, “I won’t be defeated!”

They were re-lit and I once again analyzed, came up with a new plan, reshuffled the pans, and tried again. Utter failure.

“Again!” I cried. This time the candles were almost down to the top of the crisp and the bottoms of the candles had been melted into the crisp by the sheer heat of the fruit inside. This will be the last! I was determined.

And it was.


~ by Maggie Lynne on May 17, 2010.

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