In Search of Fall

When I first arrived in Southern California I was met by brown, barren, dry, HOT and lets not forget city, city, city and more CITY! It was kind of an overwhelming shock to my senses coming from the lush, green, country hills of Tennessee.

I’m a romantic who loves a good romp in open meadows, making daisy chains, and wading through creeks and mountain streams.  Fall is one of my favorite times of the year… sweaters, scarves, spiced candles, soups, warm pies, applesauce, leaf piles, vibrant trees, and that crisp autumn air that sends tingles right down your spine.

I watch all the status messages on Facebook regarding “beautiful autumn weather” and I  look out my window and sigh. The temperature reads 98 degrees, the watered things are green and the unwatered places have no life… the land of perpetual summer and no rain. And then you add in endless traffic, millions of people, perpetually wailing sirens, frequent helicopters, constant city noise, and suffocating smog. I was warned about all these things and in my mind  I understood it, but true understanding didn’t come until reality hit and I was actually living in the midst of it.

I had just about despaired of Southern California having any value besides friends (and a job), when I came across a grand discovery this past weekend – Southern California has Fall! A backpacking trip to the Sierras brought about this glorious revelation and a feast for my starving country soul.


~ by Maggie Lynne on September 26, 2012.

One Response to “In Search of Fall”

  1. Such lovely pictures! I understand…I’m with you in missing fall. I’m not much for perpetual summer. Oh well, at least we’re both near oceans. 🙂

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